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2007 Planting Day

2007 Planting Time

As you can see plants are everywhere on tables and the floor. We planted these last week and more will be planted later. HABANEROS are really sturdy this year and we’re hoping for great things. About 500 plants…… will be interesting to see how much the harvest is.  I suspect we’ll have lots and lots to make the ever popular jams and jellies even hotter than last year.

Here come the winter Texans!

Winter Texans

We had a group friends (former DVR employees……now known as “the Winter Texans”) who were up and visiting Beverly the other day. They came first to visit the Pepper Farm and then went on their merry way to start a round of the wineries. One part of the group had just come back down from their tour last month from Alaska (in the motor home!!!)

New Recipe for your sweet-n-spicy-tooth

This one is for all of you who suffer from a double affliction of not only being a self diagnosed untreatable chile-head, but also have a sweet tooth…wow, what a combination.

Sweet-n-spicy Grilled Plaintain

  • Shop for the large green-color banana, usually called “Plantain” or “Platano” it will make the best tasting recipe;  if unavailable, use bananas that are slightly green on peeling and as large as possible. If available in your area buy organic or locally grown plantains.
  • Prepare your grill as usual and lower the heat to a steady medium-low flame.
  • Cut the platanos in half the long way and do not remove peeling
  • If desired, also cut each half in half again…(depending how long the original was)
  • Prepare grill surface with a slight spray of organic Pam or lightly butter it
  • Place the platanos soft side down (that means skin-side up) and allow to cook for 3- 5 minutes…just until nicely browned and grill-marks are showing brown/not black
  • Remove cooked platanos with a spatula and invert before putting on a serving platter or tray.  Apply a final glaze of  Darn Hot Peppers gourmet jam ( one  teaspoon on each piece ) to the grilled surface, and … for show, even a sprinkle of coconut.
  • There you have it’a  naturally sweet dessert with just a touch of spicy tang from DHP.  
  • Serve and eat with a teaspoon. 
  • YUM !