New Recipe for your sweet-n-spicy-tooth

This one is for all of you who suffer from a double affliction of not only being a self diagnosed untreatable chile-head, but also have a sweet tooth…wow, what a combination.

Sweet-n-spicy Grilled Plaintain

  • Shop for the large green-color banana, usually called “Plantain” or “Platano” it will make the best tasting recipe;  if unavailable, use bananas that are slightly green on peeling and as large as possible. If available in your area buy organic or locally grown plantains.
  • Prepare your grill as usual and lower the heat to a steady medium-low flame.
  • Cut the platanos in half the long way and do not remove peeling
  • If desired, also cut each half in half again…(depending how long the original was)
  • Prepare grill surface with a slight spray of organic Pam or lightly butter it
  • Place the platanos soft side down (that means skin-side up) and allow to cook for 3- 5 minutes…just until nicely browned and grill-marks are showing brown/not black
  • Remove cooked platanos with a spatula and invert before putting on a serving platter or tray.  Apply a final glaze of  Darn Hot Peppers gourmet jam ( one  teaspoon on each piece ) to the grilled surface, and … for show, even a sprinkle of coconut.
  • There you have it’a  naturally sweet dessert with just a touch of spicy tang from DHP.  
  • Serve and eat with a teaspoon. 
  • YUM !


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