Monthly Archives: October 2007

Fun with Pepper Photos…

Xav told us he put a new toy on the website…

Check out the new Darn Hot Pepper Photo Puzzles next time you stop by, there are 3 of them 1st one is a nice picture of Rancho Bella Vista & pretty easy, 2nd one is a cute ‘lil basket of Habaneros and pretty tough to solve, and the 3rd one, pictured below, is just too hard for me. Have fun.


New Mexico find friends in Illinois

Recently at our Saturday Farmers Market in downtown Springfield Illinois, I’ve had fun meeting some residents originally from New Mexico who stopped by.  These chileheads went directly to the long green peppers as if they have found a long lost friend. Week after week now I’ve been getting questions and thoughts like: where do you get these, do you grown them yourself, I haven’t seen these peppers since I left New Mexico.

For those of you who just have to know…Yes we are able to grow the long greens in southern Illinois. Although we are not growing as many peppers as New Mexico, we have enough to meet the appetite until you are able to return to visit friends and relatives in New Mexico and get your taste of down home darn hot cooking. Springfield Illinois is a great city and I am happy to meet chile lovers from around the world.

Darn Hot Peppers musings…

This summer it was over 10o degrees in southern Illinois for a week or so and the 21 variety of specialty peppers grown at Rancho Bella Vista-Home of Darn Hot Peppers are having a ball.

mirasol.jpgThe Mirasol, Thai Hot and Thai Dragons are sunning themselves looking straight up at the sun and smiling, the Pequins and Chiltepins are saying in Texas we usually play in 105 degrees, the long greens, anaheims and poblanos say this is regular southwest type of weather. And in Illinois we now consider Cobden the southern Illinois Home of Specialty Hot Pepper.

So welcome Chileheads and Pepper Lovers in Illinois. We at Darn Hot Peppers LLC have created this blog for our new found friends around the world. Share your thoughts and share your recipes, through this blog, of how you are using our pepper products and which products may be your favorite. We inturn will share your recipes with the rest of the world. I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Back from Seattle

We had a nice little get away last week. Took some time off and went out west to see Xav and Erica in Seattle.

It was a very short trip just enough time to goto the baby shower and lay out the plans and timeline for how soon we can expect to add more “little-pepper-pickers” to the family roster. Erica said that we needed to wait at least a year before KE could get to work, but Xav said that a year off is just plain laziness. 🙂

We also had time to talk about darn hot peppers and start planning some big ideas for next year. Well thats all for now, gotta get back to tending the farm