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Bhut Jolokia – Pepper Profile

Our friends at posted a great entry on the worlds hottest pepper the Bhut Jolokia. Take 5 minutes to get the scoop!

“…For many years, there was uncertainty about this particular chile pepper, some sources even listed cayenne-type peppers as Naga Jolokia or put it into the C. frutescens species. Eventually a field trial with comprehensive analysis by the NMSU Chile Pepper Institute (CPI) shed light on this cultivar (see our extensive

Both Assamese growers and the Chile Pepper Institute found top heat levels around one million Scoville Heat Units (SHU), and the Chile Pepper Institute’s findings for Bhut Jolokia were even awarded the
world record as the “hottest of all spices” by Guinness World Records

Read the rest of the story here.

Mr. Hot Stuff

This was soo funy I laughed out loud!

New Social Networking website for Chileheads

Have you checked out ChileBravo, not the product but the website. It is a new social networking website when you can meet, chat with and share chile recipes or hot pepper growing tips. They also have some funny videos of gringos eating habaneros. Silly gringos, eating habaneros uncooked and raw is for kids!