How to Sun Dry Chile Peppers

It’s summertime, Woohoo!

Take advantage of the fresh air and hot summer sun and add a bit of the outdoors to your cooking! Back in the “old-days” chiles were most often sun dried. Sun drying, requires little to no preparation, as chiles were placed on large flat hot stones or on wicker drying trays.

Today sun drying is still a popular method, and only requires a little preparation. Here is a quick way to get started. These days stainless steel screens are a more popular method of creating drying trays. It is a good idea to use steel trays as aluminum screens can react with the acids in the chiles.

If using trays, keep them away from dusty roads and yards where grass clipping may be flying by. Keep screens/trays at least 1″ above a table or flat surface. use bricks or some kind of wood to allow good air circulation below the chiles. Cover chiles w/ cheesecloth to protect them from insects. Now spread out your chiles on the screens and keep about 1/2 inch apart.

Allow to sit in the hot sun for 3 days until the skin is wrinkled and light shines through when held to the sun. Once sun-dried to remove additional moisture from thicker chiles and to kill any eggs possibly laid by insects, heat sun dried chiles in a 150 degree oven for 20-30 minutes.

Good luck, and Buen Provecho!

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  1. first of all – nice blog! i was reading an article the other day (cannot find the link) about how they dry chili peppers in India in the fields. the drying takes about 1 month in total and as many of the farmers can not afford tarpolines they often get their whole crop ruined by ill timed rains. i’ll try and find the link and post again…

  2. another great way is to string them up and simply hang them over a sunny window.

  3. What a great blog! You totally have me thinking now with the chili peppers and cupcakes! That could honestly be amazing if done right! I will be thinking…

  4. darnhotpeppers

    I know, right?

    look forward to chatting here or on twitter.

    Buen Provecho.


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