Pepper Fest 2008 – R UR Tastebuds Ready?

Come to Rancho Bella Vista and celebrate the festival of Chiles at our 3rd annual Pepper Fest. We’ll have all the fixin’s for a real Southwest style Cookout, and you’ll be able to take in that wonderful smell of fresh roasted peppers. We’ll also have live local music an “open mike” and lots of Darn Hot Peppers, Pepper products and items for sale from our Farm Store. (click here for coupon)

This year Pepper Fest is on Saturday, September 13th, from 11 am – 5 pm. We’re pretty easy to find. Follow Hwy 51 south from Carbondale, IL and continue on south past yellow Smiley Tower at Makanda for 6.5 miles, begin looking for the blue “Tourist Activities” sign , then TURN RIGHT immediately after (this is Vines Road); we are about ½ mile in on the right.

We look forward to re-connecting w/ all our Chile-head friends.

Buen Provecho!


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  1. Cathy & Dave Cumpston

    We’ve certainly gotten hooked on your pepper stuff this summer. We’ve stocked up on some things for winter since the Springfield farmers’ market is coming to an end. It’s good to know we can get your products at Food Fantasies. We love that place. Maybe next year we’ll get to the Pepper Fest. Sounds like fun.

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