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The 10 Most Popular Ways
to Use DarnHotPepper, LLC Gourmet Jellies:

Spread spoonfuls onto fresh items such as muffins, corn bread, fresh loaf bread, or biscuits. Accentuate the use of fresh baked goods by using the surprising combination of sweet and sassy spice together. You’ll like it. Buen provecho!

As a “dip” you only need to open a jar and pour it into a shallow bowl and heat slightly & you’re ready
to pop in those chicken wings, large chips, or even bread sticks and scoop up the delectable taste.

To make appetizers, start with crackers, melba toast or rye bread squares and add a
bit of goat cheese, pimento cheese or cream cheese, and top with a teaspoon of one of our gourmet jellies. Decorate with green or black olive slice……. Yum!

4. Use DHP jellies ( Apricot, Jalapeno-Orange or Lemon) to brush onto Asparagus or New Green Beans and then
              quickly sear them on the grill or in a hot skillet ; you’ re making a healthy vegetable addition to your meal.

As a topping on items from the grill, our gourmet jellies and jams are unparalleled for easy application. Wait until sizzling meat, fish, chicken or kabobs are almost done, then spread on one tablespoon per piece served over the top of heated item. The jelly will instantly melt and conform to the shape of the serving. It makes a tangy and delicious glaze.

To enhance the flavor of a baked ham, spread 3 Tbsp. of Habanero Honey Spread
Over the ham and let it bake in ! Delicioso!

In combo with sour cream, you can use any of our jellies half/half ratio and add to that 3-4 tablespoons of milk or buttermilk, to adjust desired thickness; this will form a delicious and pourable topping for fruit or dressing for a salad.

8. Use the heated jam/jelly as a syrup for ice Cream desserts or over cake and ice cream.
Slightly heat any jar of our gourmet jellies —- by putting the jar w/o lid into a small bowl of water; and then
Set all in the microwave for : 60 seconds for a full jar, less for partial.

9. Easy way to make a quick party appetizer is to unwrap a plain bar of cream cheese and using one can of small
Shrimp ( drain off liquid; then press the tiny shrimp into the cream cheese, cover with poured on Apricot Ambrosia
Or Jalapeno-Orange and voilà a great appetizer to use on your favorite cracker or rye bread.

10. Mix 3 tablespoons of any DHP jam * with one (1) tablespoon of peanut butter, and add 3 tbsp of cream cheese,
                Blend quickly together until smooth and use to fill celery sticks.
Top with pine nuts or other crushed nuts as a topping and décor. These healthy appetizers will disappear in
Quick time.

* can be used with any of the jellies – your choice of flavors

Dear Friends/Family and Chileheads One & All

It is time to start thinking of the various Holidays and Celebrations upcoming this time of year.
Wouldn’t YOU love it if someone gave you a unique gift with spicy flavors and exciting aromas?

Check your memory banks or make out your lists and then go to
You’ll find plenty of gift ideas; a “gift card” is available also just for the asking.
If ordering to be sent directly to the address of the gift-receiver, we can sign your name and/or a 20 words or less message on the card and send it along with the package. ( just let us know you want this in a separate email to
If ordering several items to be sent to you for your own wrapping, just ask for a ” gift tag” for each one. They are FREE.

Please do remember to ORDER EARLY… between NOW AND DECEMBER 15TH.
Orders received after the 15th will ,of course, be filled in the order received, but cannot necessarily
be expected to arrive before the end of the year.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL. Buen Provecho. Enjoy!