We Need a Name…

We are having a contest to name a new product.

The product is the “Habanero-Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce” that many of you may have tasted at Pepperfest this past year.

We are looking for a name that is shorter, just as descriptive, but catchier. We are still waiting on approval from the FDA for this to be a product that we can sell in the store but hope to get the naming and packaging done before the holiday.

If you have a clever name you think we should use, email it to carol@darnhotpeppers.com or leave a comment here on this post.

If we pick your name we’ll send you a free Jar.

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  1. How about “HOT YELLOW”? or “SWEET, HOT & SPICY?” This suggestion is from Lynn at The Irish Inn.

  2. I have 3 possible names…

    1. Nectar of the Fire Gods

    2. Bee Lava

    3. Hab-Bee Sauce

  3. The Bee’s Revenge Mustard?

  4. hot


  5. Must Bee Hot!

  6. Let’s keep the names coming. How about these:

    “Ay mi Honey” translates to Oh my Honey.

    “Mi Hot Honey Dip” – translates to my hot honey dip

    “Dip mi Honey” – translates to your honey getting dipped or your honey dipping you.

    It is early in the morning. Guess I need more coffee.

    Keep the names coming.

  7. Brittany Vaughn

    I thought of some more:

    Honey it Must Be Hot

    Haba mostaza

  8. El Kabong

  9. Did anyone win? I must say that I really like Must Bee Hot from Darla the best although all the names are great.

  10. I know this is a half month late in coming, but I’m fond of the name “Sweetie Pop”.

  11. Since it looks a little like Peanut Butter….How ’bout
    “Damn Skippy”
    just a thought….

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