Family Farmed Expo in Chicago 3/17-3/19

Que pasa Chicago Chile Lovers and friends?

Darn Hot Peppers will be an exhibitor at the Family Farmed Expo held at the UIC Forum at Chicago on March 17 – 19. We will exhibit only on Saturday March 19 so stop by for a tasting and purchase of your favorite salsa, pepper jelly, spices and other pepper products. Special 10% off on purchase of a full or mixed case during Expo. Go to Family for info
about this year Expo.

Hasta la Vista Amigo.


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  1. I am planning on being in Chicago that week/weekend and will def stop by!!!!! I’m a huge habanero fan, hope you have some habanero jelly!!!!

  2. Jerry,
    I was at the expo and stopped by your booth. I really enjoyed your Hot salsa and the honey habanero spread. I also bought some of your habanero spice. I’ll be ordering some more from you and already told my wife that when my birthday comes up, that your salsa and spreads are on my wish list.

  3. I also blogged about you, so if I loose your card, I’ll still have your info:

  4. Hey Folks,

    I’m a chili-head and enjoying your website very much. I wondered if you had any outlets for your hot chili products in Northern Wisconsin, or if you have an online store?
    If the answer to both is no, how can I get a hold of a couple review samples, I’m reviewing for my hot pepper blog at

    Let me know any options please!



  5. darnhotpeppers


    we are testing markets in chicago this summer, but not yet up to wisconsin. You can order online at our website, and we ship to wisc.

    good luck with your blog

  6. Hey guys, whenever you will be setting up an event near San Antonio, Texas, let me know. I’d love to attend one of your setups. I found your website fresh and informative. Good job!

    I love all types of hot peppers and am especially fond of the wild peppers that grow naturally through out the region of south Texas. My website: is an info site exclusively on these hotties.

    I will definitely be adding a link to your site. Let me know if you have any particular code for this purpose. Once again, great site!

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