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Attention Chileheads, one of ours needs your help

Just saw this blog post from a fellow Chile farmer and would like tro make a call for all our friends and family to help out.

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Help save the Dartmoor Chilli Farm

They are “being blocked at every turn by planners in their attempt to make a living at their chilli farm in Dartmoor, and as a result, their business was under threat.

The good news is that since that blog post, their second application for their kitchen, horticultural and battery buildings (which house their solar power batteries) was granted after the planning department visited the farm.

However, they have just submitted their most crucial application and this application for them to be able to continue living on the chilli farm in the barn that they share with their chillies. As they say on their website:-

“We are a specialist grower of 100 varieties of chilli and sweet peppers. Each year we raise over 8000 plants from seed. We also have two orchards and one acre of soft fruit and numerous raised vegetable beds.

In 2010 we were voted Best Green Business in the South Devon Excellence Awards and a Dartmoor First for our efforts in sustainability and putting Dartmoor first. The business started in 2007 with 1 full time member of staff and now employs 2 full time staff and 2 part-time staff and would like to offer further employment and training opportunities in the future.

The whole nursery is off grid and we generate our own electricity with solar panels and a wind turbine. We use mainly rainwater and have a borehole as a backup.

We farm naturally without any artificial fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides and are in the process of applying for planning permission to continue living on our 8 acre small holding which is necessary if we are to continue raising and caring for our crops in a natural and sustainable way.”

If you think like me that the planners are not seeing sense, please support their planning application by clicking on this link. Their planning application reference is 0064/11, and the closing date for consultation and comments is 9th March 2011.”

Good luck guys


Attention Adventurous Southern Illinois Small Farmers!

Darn Hot Peppers is growing up and we are planning on a much larger crop of specialty peppers this year. We invite you to be part of this adventure. If you agree to grow peppers like the Mirasol, Guajillo, Chile de Arbol, Cayenne, Habanero, Poblano, Tepin and Pequin, and they meet our quality standards, when you are ready to sell them we would be interested in buying them from you.

If you’re interested in growing and selling your crop, lets reach an agreement before you grow your peppers. You can send me an email message , or call us at 618-893-1443 or if you are close stop by the farm.

– Buen Provecho, Jerry

Photo by Peter Lee