Sweet Chilli Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Got this from: http://www.chilli-festival.com/recipes/ will have to try this soon!


Mango pulp / fresh flesh
Double cream – 150ml
Your favourite sweet chilli sauce (will probably use our apricot jam)


1. Pour the Mango Pulp & cream into a large bowl.
2. Fold the liquid slowly until thoroughly mixed.
3. Place in an ice-cream maker for around 10-15mins, or until starting to thicken.
4. Drizzle in sweet chilli sauce to your taste and run the ice-cream maker for another 5-10mins until set.
5. Place in a freezer-safe dish or tupperware container and place in the freezer for 2 hrs – serve immediately, or within the week.

– Buen Provecho

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  1. Thanks for new recipe, only now i’m hearing about Chilli Mango Ice Cream.

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