Agritourism grows more than wineries
Darn Hot Peppers mentioned in The Southern
Gerardo and Carol Jimenez harvest 21 varieties of peppers each summer and package them as salsa, jelly and jam, spices and any other pepper product imaginable at their Union County farm they call Rancho Bella Vista. Their tidy shop overlooks their patches and is flanked by a new patio, creating an inviting setting for visitors… Click here for more.

Illinois Travel Guide 2008
Darn Hot Peppers Added to Illinois Travel Guide 2008
…We are flattered to be added to the best travel guide our state has to offer… Click here for more.

Getting the chile bug
Darn Hot Peppers Mentioned Illinois Times Online
Jerry Jimnez is a contented man. You can see it in his serene smile and hear it in his calm, rich voice that carries just an intriguing hint of accent. Maybe it’s because of his loving family. Maybe it’s because of his home on 17 acres in the hills of southern Illinois, with beautiful panoramic views in all directions… Click here for more.

Spice up the season
Darn Hot Peppers Mentioned Illinois Times Online
…In addition to typical products such as dried chiles and powders, the Jimenez family sells addictively delicious and unusual sweet/hot concoctions such as Apricot Ambrosia Spread (containing habañeros) and Orange Jalapeño Jam made from homegrown peppers… Click here for more.

Press Release – 09/23/2007
Darn Hot Peppers LLC launches New Website
Online visits to have been growing rapidly in 2007. Recently the websites average number of daily page hits had eclipsed the… Click here for more.

Darn Hot Peppers Selected for So. Il. Agritourism Tour
“Jimenez said that people who have come to the specialty pepper store comment about the beautiful view — which is actually the farm’s name, “Rancho Bell Vista.” Click here for more.

Cayenne: The Burning Balm – It’s not just for chili anymore
It may surprise you to know that the very ingredient that makes your Friday night chili an adventure has been documented as a powerful medicine for over a thousand years. Click here for more.

Chile peppers part of the human diet since 7500 BC.
They were domesticated there between 5200 and 3400 BC, one of the first cultivated crops in the Americas. Click here for more.

  1. Hi,

    Do you know a farm that grow red serrano pepper?

  2. Very good or Hot information blog I will share with other chiliheads from my visitors

  3. Yes, we do. We’ll have fresh peppers available in the summer, however I believe we are all out of dried serrano at the moment. I’ll ask around the kitchen for another source and get back to you.


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