With regard to Darn Hot Peppers my husband says he can “actually taste the flavor of the peppers, whereas when you buy spices at the store you really only notice the heat and not any flavor.” So he is very impressed with the pepper farm since I started cooking with those spices.  I have been making a vegetarian chili for years, but the spices from Darn Hot have really given my husband a new reason for living!

– BB, Stillwater, OK

We didn’t write this one, seriously, I mean I’m not this eloquent. – Xav

“Once every couple millennia, a human endeavor achieves such universal acclaim it is “owned by the ages.” A triumph of such monumental importance, its very existence allows us to gain increased insight into the human condition, to peer into our collective soul and to help us achieve a greater existential understanding.  Such feats of human greatness might include the pyramids of Egypt and of Chichen Itza, the Great Wall of China, Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the collected works of Shakespeare and others.  Add to the list: Gerardo Jerry Jimeneza’s Habanero Honey Spread, which he sells at our local farmers market every Saturday. Jimenez’s chosen medium is not clay, stone or paint; it’s peppers, and he uses them like a master of the renaissance.  All of the products at Darn Hot Peppers (online and at the farmers market) are great, but the Habanero Honey Spread tastes as if it were divinely inspired. It is a work of art: a perfect ying and yang of fire and sweet; two mutually correlated opposites, complementing one another. In other words: dang tasty. Watch out Diego Rivera, another Mexican artist is on his way to fame. ”

– Charlie Stratton Springfield Illinois

“We’ve certainly gotten hooked on your pepper stuff this summer. We’ve stocked up on some things for winter since the Springfield farmers’ market is coming to an end. It’s good to know we can get your products at Food Fantasies. We love that place. ”

Cathy & Dave Cumpston

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