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Visit us this summer at Whole Foods Market – Naperville

Sunday Markets at Whole Foods Market Naperville

2607 W. 75th Street
Naperville, IL 60540 USA
Phone 630.579.7700
Store hours:
8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. seven days a week.


Map, directions & nearby stores

July 10th, August 14th, Septemer 11th and October 9th

Celebrate Local! Whole Foods second season of Sunday Markets begins July 10th in their parking lot! This year we’ll be part of a wonderful array of local vendors, made to order omelets and entertainment. Kids, become a little Localeer–pick up a Localeer card and visit 6 or more local vendors who will mark each visit on your card. A free gift will await you at the Customer Service Desk. This is one more way to support local!

Darn Hot Peppers meets Whole Foods Market’s Quality Standards but we don’t currently sell our products in this location, so they have been kind enough to give us some space in their parking lot at no charge .

9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Thanks to Four Winds Waldorf School who will provide a Sunday Market activity for children.

Seattle’s Ballard Farmers Market among Top 5 in US!

Xav sent us this note…

Great news that his regular Farmers Market is thriving, what with the recession being so tough on farmers and all. Check out this website to see a full list.

Now Lets vote and Get Springfiled or Carbondale on this list next year!

Michelle Obama’s organic garden makes big agriculture shudder

michelle-obama-organic-gardenA proponent of healthy eating, The first lady wants to encourage Americans  to eat more healthfully.

The new organic garden at the White House is  intended to provide food for White House residents as well as help Americans understand local farming better .  The organic garden is reported to have arugula, cilantro, tomatilloes, hot peppers and other  herbs.

According to Colleen’s Organic Gardening Blog, Whatever the First Family does is considered fashionable and  fans of real food have been delighted by the White House garden, but the agricultural industry has not.  All of this positive PR for organics seems to be a little unsettling to Big Ag. So one group, the Mid America CropLife Association, has sent an email defending chemical ag to Mrs. Obama. 

In part, the letter says:

“As you go about planning and planting the White House garden, we respectfully encourage you to recognize the role conventional agriculture plays in the U.S in feeding the ever-increasing population, contributing to the U.S. economy and providing a safe and economical food supply. America’s farmers understand crop protection technologies are supported by sound scientific research and innovation.”

However, Mid America Crop Life didn’t just send the letter to Mrs. Obama, they also  sent it to hundreds of people who they thought would be sympathetic to their views. Except that to these people, they included an additional note:

“Did you hear the news? The White House is planning to have an “organic” garden on the grounds to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the Obama’s and their guests.While a garden is a great idea, the thought of it being organic made Janet Braun, CropLife Ambassador Coordinator and I shudder. As a result, we sent a letter encouraging them to consider using crop protection products and to recognize the importance of agriculture to the entire U.S. economy.”


So, it seems organic gardens make Big Ag nervous or shudder. Why is that? maybe it is that as many of us already know, organic food production is growing rapidly and has reached a level of popularity, that is now competitive to big agriculture. For a long time Big Ag had a monopoly on food production in the US and now it is having to rethink some of is strategic planning and that means disruption. Disruption is always painful to large institutions, just look at the banking industry. That being said disruption often leads to innovation so we hope that the First Lady taking the step of putting in an organic garden at the White House is truly a sign that the tides are turning. 

You can see the full text of the letter at La Vida Locavore.

Update on crazy spring weather, seedling planting and events

Hi all, Jerry here.

I have received several emails asking how our peppers are doing and what kind of crop we anticipate. I guess many of our customers remember that last year we had a naughty frost which froze all of our peach crop in southern Illinois. I am gald to say that southern Illinois peaches will be doing great this year. However we continue to once again have a strange winter. In southern Illinois we had more snow than our usual few inches but we had a severe ice storm that did a lot of damage to our electrical system, trees and fences and the ice was so heavy that it took down one of my greenhouses.

We also continue to have rain, rain and more rain. Usually we begin transplanting our peppers into the field by May 10. We had plans to get into the field today, May 22, but your guess it, more rain. Overall I anticipate a good crop of peppers although they will probably come two or three weeks later. We usually begin picking around the last part of June however this year it may be around the first or second week of July. But don’t get discouraged. Rain is good for the peppers and we are certain to get plenty of darn hot southern Illinois sun in July and August which will greatly contribute to bringing you those Darn Hot Peppers.

Stay tune to this BLOG and I will keep you posted on what is happening down here at Rancho Bella Vista.

So, Thanks for asking. I look forward to seeing many of you at the Farmers Markets and Food Expos.

Mucho Amor,