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WOO HOO! – Pepperfest 2009!

Darn Hot Pepperfest 2009 is almost here!

This years DARN HOT PEPPER FESTIVAL is not to be missed!
We’ll have Food, Music, Salsa tastings & more.
The festival kicks off on Saturday September 5th at 11 AM Cobden time.

Can’t wait to See yall there! We’ll have lots of great Food for all our Friends, plus Music Arts and Crafts.

Mark your Calendar

September 5, 2009
11 -5 p.m.
825 Vines Road -Cobden, Illinois

– Save 10% at our Darn Hot Pepper Store (9/5/2009 only)
– Southwest style cooking and great local music all day
– Darn Hot Pepper salsa and jelly tasting
– Arts and Crafts & Book Booths
– “Fields of Fire” walking tour
– NEW –Salsa sampling from some of Southern Illinois best restaurants

La Fiesta Restaurant in Marion
Darn Hot Peppers, LLC.
Sergio’s Restaurantsin Herrin , Murphysboro, and Carbondale

* $3.00 entry fee wristband allows for all tastings, music & fun. ( Children 12/under FREE.)

New Mexico find friends in Illinois

Recently at our Saturday Farmers Market in downtown Springfield Illinois, I’ve had fun meeting some residents originally from New Mexico who stopped by.  These chileheads went directly to the long green peppers as if they have found a long lost friend. Week after week now I’ve been getting questions and thoughts like: where do you get these, do you grown them yourself, I haven’t seen these peppers since I left New Mexico.

For those of you who just have to know…Yes we are able to grow the long greens in southern Illinois. Although we are not growing as many peppers as New Mexico, we have enough to meet the appetite until you are able to return to visit friends and relatives in New Mexico and get your taste of down home darn hot cooking. Springfield Illinois is a great city and I am happy to meet chile lovers from around the world.

Pepperfest – September 1st (11am to 6 pm)

Join us for the Festival of Chiles – the Spiciest Festival Around

pepperfestmusic.jpgSeptember 1st (11am to 6 pm)
827 Vines Road Cobden, Illinois

  • Sample our salsas, pepper jellies and other spicy products
  • Taste a real Southwest Style Cookout
  • Smell the aroma of fresh roasting peppers
  • Enjoy Blue Grass, Tex-Mex and Local Music
  • Meet other Chile Heads and Friendly People

What’s different in Southern Illinois? Join us and see! Come on down, Amigo!

*for more information go to: or call 618-893-1443

Click here to save 10 % at the DARN HOT PEPPERS STORE