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Time to get the plants in the ground

5 de Mayo came and went……….and we still don’t have peppers in the ground!

Mother Nature is so unpredictable, she just does whatever she want’s w/ out consulting us. So, that being said, this year’s green house (rebuilt after the ice storm)…again, has a slightly different configuration. That makes it bigger and allows space for all the working stages of seeding and sedling transplant into plug trays.

Here’s some views of current greenhouse and plants.
FARM UPDATE.MAYO 007 Most varieties are doing well even the new Pimento. And there’s one of me next to the new Compost Tumbler — bigger than life size,huh?
FARM UPDATE.MAYO 011I’am hoping for great things once we get more loads of compost made. Although the flowers are doing great this year from all the rain. Strawberries can always use the compost though.

– Hoping for sunshine soon.


2007 Planting Day

2007 Planting Time

As you can see plants are everywhere on tables and the floor. We planted these last week and more will be planted later. HABANEROS are really sturdy this year and we’re hoping for great things. About 500 plants…… will be interesting to see how much the harvest is.  I suspect we’ll have lots and lots to make the ever popular jams and jellies even hotter than last year.