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Welcome Garden Club Visitors

We’ve had several groups scheduled for Garden Club Tours this summer. These are always super-fun events as garden club folks are usually very inquisitive and knowledgeable, two charateristics we love in our guests.
In this photo are members of the Anna-Jo Garden Club recently toured Darn Hot Peppers in rural Cobden.
Pictured in front of the gift shop are Carol Jiminez, Sherry Jenkins, Susan Sherwin, Mindy Carter, Susan Askew, Brenda Tripp, Sylvia Maske, Judi Chase, Margee Betts, Elaine Dunn, Marsha Burke, Loretta Sitter, Jerry Jiminez.  Front row:  Charlotte Echols, Cathy Coad.


In the past few weeks we’ve welcomed several new customers who love our products. And this one says it best,….E.S. ( a new customer and fellow pepper grower) thinks that our “salsa is Hot, but amazingly flavorful” and further, he feels “it’s great to know there are small companies in the US that still have that HOME TOWN attitude!”

We thank you heartily, E.S.. What a way to kick off the 2010 pepper season! Those seedlings are even now growing well and just about ready to put into the ground.
Hoping for some Mother Nature moderation in the amount of rainfall in order to do this soon.
Our 21 varieties plus our Herb Garden is coming along well. Hope to see many of our newly attracted customers, if they are within local traveling distance, to call up and reserve a date for a group of friends to visit the farm for our Tours which Start in July. See you there?