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PEPPERFEST 2011 will be 09/03/11


Union County’s annual “Pepperfest” will be held on September 3rd from 11AM -5PM at Rancho Bella Vista, 827 Vines Rd Cobden Illinois. Pepperfest has quickly become a favorite gathering for chile heads and hot pepper fans throughout the Midwest, with some people coming from as far as Washington DC and Seattle Washington.


    • Southwest style cooking
    • Live music featuring Carter and Connelley as well as Wil Maring
    • “Fields of Fire” walking tour
    • Salsa Limbo “How Hot can you Go”
    • Save 10% on all purchases at our Farm Store
    • $5.00 admission covers parking and pepper tasting

Family, Food and Fun

The festival will have all the Jiménez clan working from sun-up to sun-down, picking peppers, making fresh salsa and homemade jams jellies and processed chile pepper products, stringing up ristras, giving cooking classes, walking tours of the pepper fields to show folks the many varieties of hot peppers in bloom.

Meeting all our friends and customers and sharing good food, music and smiles is what makes Pepperfest so great and why this year we expect nearly 500 people to attend the festival.

Check out for more information.

February 15th already…..HELLO FROM RANCHO BELLA VISTA !

At Rancho Bella Vista (Home of Darn Hot

It is a long way yet from Planting Day ( in May usually), and even the beginnings of Real Spring is just a touch remote, but we are feeling  the stirrings of familiar activities: seed selections, measuring the fields ,etc.

Here is our 2011 calendar also, so if you like you could print it out and put it up on your refrigerator. Contains a list of our major events and we hope you enjoy the colorful photos of some of our peppers.

Carol will be having knee surgery this winter, but come on out and see us when the FARM STORE OPENS in June and until then shop online — many bargains left and ready to be requested. Buen Provecho!

Spring Again….Hooray!!

And Thank Goodness…NO ICE STRORMS this past winter! That means we are ready to do the seed germination, the greenhouse is in place, and the weather is mild ( although a bit windy).
But it seems like Good Beginnings for 2010 crop.>
Watch this blog for more on the Pepper Farm Particulars….One update — Remember the Farm Store opens on Memorial Day Weekend: that means SATURDAY – May 29th., 2010. Normal Farm Store Hours: Monday – Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Hope to see you this Spring/Summer !!