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What’s heavier?

What's heavier?

Just found this photo from last summer.

Tell us whiuch you think weighs more, Kai or the bag of peppers.

please comment

Thanks for the kind thoughts and warm wishes.

Dear Friends and Well-wishers,

So MANY of you responded about the news of my TIA ( “mini-Stroke”) on August 19-20 weekend! Thank you so much for the kind thoughts and warm wishes. I was very lucky to have had a light case, they tell me.

We expected to be rallied – around by family; and it was heartening that they came and/or called. But the outpouring of other Friends, Chileheads and general respondents was amazing! That was excellent medicine for the Spirit.

I personally wanted everyone to know that your understanding about the cancelling of Pepperfest 2011 was much appreciated; a thousand thanks for your warm wishes –which are helping to boost my recovery even now and during the long , boring weeks ahead, BUT we are definitely making progress.

Jerry , bless his heart, is doing the gargantuan task of keeping the business running with fewest interruptions. He needs your support as well so that he does not falter in his own health.

MY GOAL is to see all of you in the Farm Store soon as I can, and especially on December 10th, 2011 at the Holiday Open House and Customer Appreciation Day.

Gracias/Thank You again.

Carol Jimenez

Chile Pepper Profile #10 – Jalapeno

A ripe jalapeño is 2–3½ inches (5–9 cm) long and is commonly picked and sold when still green. It is a cultivar of the species Capsicum annuum originating in Mexico. When mature, the plant stands two and a half to three feet tall. Typically a plant produces twenty-five to thirty-five pods. During a growing period, a plant will be picked multiple times. As the growing season ends, jalapeños start to turn red. The peppers can be eaten green or red. Jalapeños have 2,500 – 8,000 Scoville heat units. Compared to other chilis, the jalapeño has a heat level that varies from mild to hot depending on cultivation and preparation.

Pepperfest 2011 has been cancelled

Today we regret to announce the Darn Hot Peppers PepperFest will not happen in 2011. Mom has had a bit of poor luck and is currently recovering from an unexpected visit to the hospital, so all of the family’s attention is being focused on helping her feel better. We are extremely proud of our past events and very grateful for all of the wonderful support of this community. We look forward to bringing this amazing event back in 2012.